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HealthcarePages is an online medical business listing directory that provides information on products and services within the healthcare field. Healthcare is an industry that is constantly changing and growing. The need for efficient communication of information becomes more and more necessary as medical technology progresses. HealthcarePages is an avenue for both affiliates working in the healthcare industry, and for people who seek information about this industry. Medical Professionals have a great opportunity to utilize HealthcarePages to advertise and promote their businesses, and reach a substantial group of potential customers. HealthcarePages is an online informational directory only. Any and all information collected from this site must be consulted with a medical professional. We share no medical opinions or biases, and do not sell any medical supplies, equipment, or products.


HealthcarePages believes that technology aids in the efficiency and quality of the healthcare information available today. Our Social network capabilities make it easy to communicate with friends and co-workers alike, with information on Events, Articles, Promotions, and Business Listings. Our communication networks include; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These network tools make the sharing of information instantaneous, and helps build a community of professionals within a specialized field.


Medical professionals can post or search for up-to-date articles pertaining to their focus of medicine, share liked articles with friends or co-workers, or simply comment on a topic of interest for personal enjoyment. Similarly, Users can use HealthcarePages as an informational tool. The directory of doctors and medical businesses make it easy to find a medical professional in a specific area of practice, and the rating review posted about each doctor helps the User make an informed decision. Users can also read articles published by doctors registered on HealthcarePages to get a better idea of what he/she has accomplished.


Medical Professionals can advertise their businesses by selecting one of four listing template options. Our optimal advertising option is called the “Diamond.” Here, businesses have the ability to market their practices by presenting the largest quantity of information to potential clients. Businesses can post photo galleries, business video links, detailed descriptions, maps, coupons, email links, ratings and reviews, contact information, and contact forms. Potential clients are drawn to ads that are visually stimulating. Pictures and videos give Users more information about a particular business or professional, and also helps to create a heightened comfort level for the viewer. HealthcarePages aims to provide any and all information for its viewers in a user friendly manner to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.


Users can complete the Contract form for any questions or comments to medical professionals. This option provides direct communication between the healthcare provider and User in a non-evasive, time efficient manner. This function of HealthcarePages sets it apart from other online directories because it provides an infinite amount of possibilities for communication. The patient and healthcare professional are able to interact with one another by participating in an online community that caters to a constantly evolving healthcare industry. A Computerlog, LLC Company.


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